Top 20 Seafood Restaurants In Charlotte According To Trip Advisor

Let’s face it when you think of seafood restuarants Charlotte probably isn’t the first place to come to your mind. While we may not be Maine lobster or Calabash seafood that doesn’t mean we don’t have good options. And it doesn’t matter what flavor your taste buds are craving- cajun, fried, boiled, or upscale. And you name shrimp, fish, lobster, oysters, crab, or anything else you can probably find it here. But seafood can be hit or miss. When it’s good its good and when it’s bad no thank you. So how do you know where to go?

To celebrate all things that travel from sea to dinner plates, Stacker compiled a list of the highest-rated seafood restaurants in Charlotte on Tripadvisor.

Read on to see the Top 20! Don’t see your favorite? Let us know on social media!

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