The New Location For Midnight Diner Revealed

Fast food and a diner experience are what you’ll find at the Midnight Diner. All of the items on the menu from burgers and fries to a plate of eggs and buttermilk pancakes are served 24/7. You can even grab a cup of hot coffee or cold beer at this fast-acting food joint. 

Midnight Diner has been a staple in Charlotte for decades. When the news was released, everyone wanted to know about the new location. It’s now been revealed.

Midnight Diner is going to be moving across from the Spectrum Center. It’s going to be one amazing location. I would think this location would be a lot busier than the current one as the uptown foot traffic would increase.

This opens the door for even better work discounts, specials, and more. The new address location is 420 East Trade Street. I remember the first time I went to Midnight Diner. The food was very good. I remember I tried to grab a bite once after the club. The line was insane, but my girlfriends and I waited because we had to have Midnight Diner. It was absolutely worth it and the conversations we had were just as good. I think sometimes diner dining just makes you want to chat.

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