Safe pedicures for people with health conditions

BALLANTYNE, N.C. — According to Scripps Health, pedicures can be dangerous if nail salons aren’t using proper safety precautions, or if you have certain health conditions.


What You Need To Know

Pedicures can be dangerous if nail salons aren’t using proper safety precautions, or if you are diabetic 

A Certified Master Pedicurist uses spa techniques and podology science to create a foot care routine  

Certified Master Pedicurist, Atiya Abdus-Samad owns Innovative Foot Spa in Ballantyne 


Atiya Abdus-Samad owns Innovative Foot Spa in Ballantyne where, as a certified master pedicurist, she treats medical foot conditions while getting feet sandal-ready for spring.
“It’s essential for everyone, especially diabetics and autoimmune-compromised people, to take care of their feet and have routine nail care,” Abdus-Samad said.

Services at Innovative Foot Spa include help getting rid of ingrown toenails, removing foot fungus, even help growing back damaged nails.
“It’s about making change, and that’s what I’m doing, making change,” Abdus-Samad said.
Treating the feet of people with diabetes takes even more care. There is no soaking, no cutting cuticles or removing live skin from calluses with a tool, commonly known as the cheese grater.
“The cheese grater is actually taking away your live skin,” Abdus-Samad said. “You want to take away mainly the dead skin, smooth the dead skin and reduce it,” she added.
Abdus-Samad can also provide the nail polish, or gel nails, that comes with a traditional pedicure.
“People take care of their hair, take care of their skin, it’s like ‘take care of your foundation as well, and it will surely take care of you,’” Abdus-Samad said.
Treatments at Innovative Foot Spa range from $70 to $100.
Services are recommended every four to six weeks, depending on the individual.
Click here to find a certified master pedicurist in your area.

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