W CLT residents still without power and water

CHARLOTTE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Neighbors in West Charlotte have been without electricity and running water for more than 24 hours after a severe thunderstorm ripped through their neighborhood. 

Electricity crews from Shelby, North Carolina have been working to restore power to residents on Walkers Ferry Road since 6 a.m. Saturday.

“We just got down and got low.. and it was over in seconds,” Junior Webb said. “a big piece of log or a limb flew through and hit it and it looked like the inside of the mirror, at least it stopped it, it still broke it and busted it but at least it slowed it down.”

Webb says they did their best to grab their belongings that weren’t buried under debris.

They’ll be moving into an RV for the foreseeable future.

Lauren Lanier was cooking dinner around 6 o’clock on Friday… She says everything happened so quickly.

“I start hearing hail. I’m like oh my gosh it’s hailing. And then all of a sudden we heard glass break in our house and that just happened to be the ceiling fan – the power blew our light fixtures ceiling fan,” Lanier said. 

Lanier says no one from the city, county, or even the red cross has reached out to them offering aid.

“If this happened in Belmont, Ballantyne, all of the uppity places, they’re out there in a heartbeat cause of all the rich folks, they get it quick.. but us little folks they don’t care about us,” she said. 

Overall neighbors say they’re happy they’re alive.

We reached out to the Red Cross and did not immediately receive a response back. 

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