Supreme Court will take up a case next term that could upend how federal elections are run

And, so, it continues: Our conservative-supermajority Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case next term that could change the way states set rules for federal elections.

A ruling in Moore v. Harper, a North Carolina case arising from redistricting disputes, that accepts the “independent state legislature” theory could give state lawmakers almost total control over rules for issues such as redistricting, voting qualifications, and mail-in voting, even if state courts believe they violate the state constitution. Such a ruling could give state lawmakers free rein to change election rules to favor their own party.

Moreover, this case could allow state legislatures to have control over electors in presidential elections, something Trump Republicans have been trying to do since the 2020 election.

Republicans control both legislative chambers in 30 states, including in Ohio, where Republicans also control the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state auditor and treasurer. So, you see, we no longer have a two-party system in Ohio. Complaining doesn’t get the job done. Actually, one must vote!

For a democracy to be successful, it must have a two-party system; otherwise, nonvoters could turn this country into a Trump Republican Party autocracy. Voters beware!

Jeanette Ballantyne,


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