Mayor Vi Lyles discusses term lengths, new racial equity director, transit, Charlotte’s new speeding app and more | WFAE 90.7

Mayor Vi Lyles joins us on this edition of Charlotte Talks as she does each month to talk about the city’s most important issues.

The idea of lengthening terms for city council has once again been brought forward. The effort to change council’s two-year terms to four-years is not a new one, but there’s been no successful vote to extend the terms. We’ll talk about why the idea has resurfaced and whether it has any chance of coming to fruition.

We hear about city council’s efforts to work with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to reduce speeding and crashes in the city. CMPD has identified “speed corridors” in Charlotte and now the city council is investing in technology for a travel app that will help drivers stay safe. We’ll hear more about the city’s investment.

The choice of the city’s new racial equity initiative executive director has sparked some controversy this week. We’ll talk about why the Charlotte Business Alliance’s hire of Kimberly Henderson has raised concerns and what the mayor has to say.

City Council is set to vote on rezoning for a controversial project in the Ballantyne area on Feb. 21. The plan involves apartments next to a new school in Ballantyne. We’ll talk about what’s being proposed and the implications for affordable housing, traffic and housing choice.

A federal judge is giving residents of the Hidden Valley neighborhood in Charlotte more time to work with an attorney and revise their lawsuit, which seeks to stop Charlotte City Council from changing voting districts. We’ll get the mayor’s thoughts on the lawsuit.

Those local issues and more, when Mayor Vi Lyles joins Mike Collins for Charlotte Talks.


Vi Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte

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