Gaston County needs new road to Charlotte

The Catawba Crossing Bridge project is for a new multi-lane, median-divided boulevard between South New Hope Road and Steele Creek Road in Mecklenburg County. It would be a connection to assist with the commute between Gaston and Mecklenburg counties, and is truly the most critical issue that Gaston County will face for the next 10 years.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are going to need the support of every elected official from the federal and state level down to the county and local level. Traffic in Gaston County is growing worse by the day and I will only be voting for candidates who will lead the charge to demand the change we so desperately need.

The Catawba Crossings Project will require investment at the both and federal and state level, and to date not much has been accomplished on this by either one of them. We need to send representatives to our state House who know that this is currently the No. 1 priority for Gaston County.

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