Doorbell camera captures coyote on doorstep of Ballantyne home – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — Neighbors were in for a shock when a coyote was spotted on the doorbell camera of a home in Ballantyne last week.

A viewer sent Channel 9 Ring camera video last Friday that was posted on an app that alerts neighbors to crime and safety concerns.

The video shows a coyote walking from the yard to the front door of a home before wandering off.

Watch the video below:

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission put out a warning on Facebook three weeks ago that coyote sightings peak in May.

Wildlife officials said the animals ramp up their activity during the month because they’re searching day and night for food to support their newborn pups.

“As coyotes wander in search of food, which can include wild fruit, small mammals, and this year’s increased number of nutritious cicadas, they can enter residential areas, especially if food is plentiful,” the post stated.

Though coyotes prefer to build their dens away from human activity, in North Carolina that can still mean contact with people.

Wildlife officials gave the following tips to deter coyotes:

  • Remove all outdoor pet food, fallen fruit, food waste and bird feeders.
  • Keep cats and small dogs on a leash or harness whenever they’re outside.
  • Haze coyotes away from homes and businesses. Hazing can be as simple as waving your arms and shouting forcefully, spraying them with a water hose, or throwing small rocks in their direction.

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