Danbury hires former WFSB reporter as public relations specialist

DANBURY — Officials are welcoming a former local broadcast news reporter as the city’s first-ever public relations specialist tasked with coordinating and supporting public safety communications across multiple departments.

Married last month, Erin Henry went by Erin Edwards during her two years as a reporter working for WFSB.

Published Sept. 6, her last story for the Connecticut broadcaster reported on a police investigation into a stranger who approached a group of middle school students in Bristol.

The Morris native earned a communication and media studies degree from Fisher College in Boston in 2014 before starting her career as reporter, most recently covering stories in Charlotte, NC, and Myrtle Beach, SC, before returning to her home state to join WFSB two years ago.

Now, with her new role in Danbury leaving her “on the other side” of the reporting equation, Henry said she is excited for the shift to municipal government as a way to use her expertise to make an impact on a single community.

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